The Token: Random Acts Of Kindness Save The World


The Token: Random Acts Of Kindness Save The World

Set in an undetermined era, the story follows a magical token as it passed from person to person within a village that has fallen on hard times. The token, given to a boy by a mysterious traveler on the road, releases a special magic when it is exchanged as one person performs a random act of kindness for another.

The promise of the mysterious man who gives the boy the token is that once the token has made its way around the village, the magic within the token will have transformed their rundown village into a happy, prosperous community.

A fantastic story built around a powerful message that will be sure to reside in anyone who reads it. With a thought provoking twist for an ending, this story also provides an excellent activity for teachers who wish to further strengthen the story's message. Fun and easy to read with a timely and poignant message, this book is a must read for anyone wishing to make the world in which we live a better place for everyone.

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Wow! A truly beautiful story.

Rev. T Smith

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