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My Homework Ate My Dog!


My Homework Ate My Dog!

Laugh out loud as you share in the tale of a young boy and his dog as they scheme to finish a science project at the last minute. A story book of the highest caliber that delivers important cautionary message's for today's youth, specifically internet safety, exercising good judgement and the repercussions associated with procrastination.

This book is a MUST HAVE for the home library! 

Opting for activities more enjoyable than homework, a young boy is faced with the looming due date of a science project for school. He resorts to the internet to find a quick solution to his problem. He happens upon a company offering overnight science projects, and although it seems too good to be true, he places an order. However, the package that arrives the next day is not the project he believes it to be, but instead a lesson he and his dog will never forget.

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I've never heard the parents laugh harder than the children when reading a kid's book until this one. Great lesson on internet safety! The relationship between the boy and the dog is priceless! Highly recommended.

Heather A. (Mother of 3)
  • Written in fun, engaging ryhme
  • Full color illustrations
  • Lesson on internet safety and practicing good judgement
  • Lesson against procrastination
  • Alternative ending

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