Do Not Touch The Gorilla!


Do Not Touch The Gorilla!

Have you ever been told not to do something, but curiosity got the best of you?

This is a story about a young man who visits an old friend for a weekend and falls victim to his uncontrollable curiosity. His friend has managed to perform a scientific breakthrough by teaching animals to play games and sports. But before he shows his friend all of the animals playing games, he states his one and only rule: "DO NOT TOUCH THE GORILLA."

What ensues is a hilarious, heart-pounding sequence of events that brings the reader and audiences to the edge of their seats and holding their breath until the hysterical surprise ending is reached.

Young readers demand to read this story (or have it read to them) again and again! A must have for any young reader's collection.

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Absolutely fantastic!! This book has made it's way into our top 5 favorites of all time!

Mary Ann (aka Mom)
  • Written in rhyme
  • Full color illustrations
  • Surprise ending!
  • Easy to read

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