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Colossus: Quest For The Giant Heart Of Gold


Colossus: Quest For The Giant Heart Of Gold

A fairy tale story of Colossus, the last of the giants, and his obsession for gold. At a young age Colossus learns he can use his size to intimidate others and becomes a giant bully. The evil king who rules over the kingdom hatches a sinister plan to suppress his people by employing the bully Colossus.
But Colossus learns several valuable lessons along the way, including how love and friendship are more valuable than gold, that it is better to be nice to people instead of being a bully, and to never judge someone simply by their appearance alone.

A fast moving, engrossing read that promises to whisk the reader off to a land where giants roam the Earth and witches cast spells. A page-turner impossible to put down until the final page is reached, this book promises to be a favorite story for advanced young readers. 

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This book is a fantastic anti-bullying message I would recommend to any teacher or parent looking for creative ways to teach lessons about friendship and treating others with respect.

Debbie T.
  • Pre-chapter book with illustrations
  • Full-color pictures
  • Young, advanced readers ages 6-10
  • Strong anti-bullying message

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